terms + conditions

COVID CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the COVID-19 panedmic and frequent, unexpected event cancellations we have made slight amendment to our cancellation policy. Clients needing to cancel a hire due to COVDI-related event cancellations will receive a store credit to the value of the hire fee paid. The credit will be valid for one year from the date of issue.


01. Standard Terms

1.1 Dressed By Jess Hire: (“Dressed By Jess”, DBJ”, “DBJH”, “Us”, “We”, “Our”) defines Dressed By Jess Hire, owned and operated by Jessica Quinn trading as Jessica Quinn ABN

1.2 The Client: (“You”, “Your”, “Client”, “Borrower”) defines the person that enters into a rental agreement with DBJ.


1.3 The Garment: (“Garment”, “Garments”, “Clothing”, “Apparel”, “Accessories”, “Outfit”, “Dress”) defines any and all clothing or accessories hired from DBJ by Client.

1.4 Rental Period: the agreed and pre-negotiated period of time that The Garment is being hired by Client.

1.5  Price: means the cost of hiring a garment from DBJ

1.6 Rental Return Due Date: defines the date the Apparel is expected back at DBJ’s location.

1.7 Rental Post Return Date: means the date the Apparel is expected to be lodged at an Australia Post Office.

1.8 Interstate: defines any Garment that is rented outside of Western Australia.

1.9 Location: defines the Location of the DBJ rental store, to be provided to Client after booking a Garment.

1.10 Public Holiday: defines a nationally recognised non-working day in Australia.

02. Payment

2.1 The rental price is calculated according to the rental period chosen by The Client and is inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (“GST”).

2.2 Payment of the rental price for online bookings is through Credit Card platforms (“Visa”, “Mastercard”) and must be made at the time the order is placed. DBJH is unable to process any orders until such payment is made and proof of payment is received.


2.3 Payment may also be made in cash or by card at the time of booking at the DBJ Location.

2.4 Once a Garment has been paid for in full, no refunds can be given (It is the responsibility of Client to try on the garment before booking in or have an understanding of their size requirements).

2.5 DBJ will securely store the card details of the Client until the Rental Period has ended. No extra charges will be made to this card if the Garment is returned in a condition and timeframe that is acceptable to DBJ to be determined at DBJH sole discretion.

03. Returns and Late Fees 

3.1 All Garments are to be returned by 8pm Monday (immediately following the Rental Period) into DBJ’s drop box.

3.2 Alternate arrangements for the return date can be made and agreed on in good faith with DBJ prior to the commencement of the Rental Period.

3.3 Late fees are applied if not returned by Monday 2000 hours. $10 per day is charged to the Client until the garment is returned, payable in Australian Dollars.

3.4 The garment is deemed a non-return after 20 days and the client will be charged 100% of the Recommended Retail Price (“RRP”) as listed on the DBJ website, payable in Australian Dollars.

04. Return Items and Late Fees for Posted Returns.

4.1 Garments being returned via post are to be posted on Monday (immediately following the Rental Period) and must be lodged at an Australia Post Office or Australia Post Yellow Express Box before 1600 hours.

4.2 If a Public Holiday falls on the Monday, then the Garment must be lodged on the Tuesday instead.


4.3 Garments must be returned in the packaging provided by DBJ, using the pre-paid postage label provided by DBJ.  

05. Cleaning

5.1 All cleaning of The Garment is taken care of by DBJ. By hiring The Garment the Client agrees that they will not attempt to clean the garment, doing so may result in a non-return fee to be paid.

06. Damages

6.1 It is expected that all Garments are returned in the condition that they were received by DBJ.

6.2 If a Garment is returned with minor damages, the client agrees to pay for the repair (in addition to the rental price). The price will be determined in good faith by DBJ in conjunction with DBJ’s seamstress and/or dry cleaning provider.

6.3 If a Garment is returned with major damages, either beyond repair or ruined determined at the discretion of DBJ, The Client agrees to pay the full replacement cost of the garment which will be determined in good faith by DBJ and may be up to but not above the RRP of the garment. This will be paid within 14 days of the Garment being returned.

6.4 It is at DBJH’s sole discretion to determine whether the damage is deemed “Minor” or “Major” as well as the repair cost

6.5 Refunds will be available if garments are received damaged as per Australian Consumer Law (beyond normal wear and tear of a hire garment). Clients recognise that they are wearing a second hand Garment that has been worn by other people. Thus, some wear and tear is to be expected. DBJ will not provide refunds for garments received that have normal wear and tear of a hire garment.