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Local RETUrn info
Return times

You can return your hire any day after you have worn it - Saturday, Sunday or Monday. The earlier the better - we do not recommend leaving it to the last minute because late fees will apply.

All returns are due back by close of business on the Monday following your hire. This includes if the Monday is a public holiday.

We are open Saturdays 9:30-3pm, Sundays 1-4:30pm (for returns only, no try ons) and Mondays 1-7:00pm, You can come any time within our opening hours on these days.

return instructions

Please return your hire unwashed and inside the bag or garment cover you received it in. 

Late fees of $10 per day will apply for any overdue returns. Lost garment covers are $10.


Please plan your return carefully to avoid late fees. Keep in mind we often have tight turnarounds for dress hires - a late return may mean someone else misses out.

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