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Postal Return info

All posted hires must be lodged by 3pm on the Monday.

If a public holiday falls on the Monday, it must be lodged by 4pm on the Tuesday. 


If you collected your hire in person, we will have given you a pre-paid post satchel. All you need to do is pop the dress inside, seal it up and take it to the post office.

If you received your hire via post, you will find a pre-paid postage label or sticker inside the parcel. Pop that on the front of the satchel (make sure it is completely covering the old label), put the dress inside and seal the package up!

We recommend you lodge it at the counter instead of a yellow post box. That way you can receive (and take a photo of) the lodgment receipt in case anything goes wrong. We highly recommend doing this! 

Late fees

Posting a return hire back incorrectly can result in significant delays in the parcel getting back to us. It may even mean another client misses out on their dress.

As such, late fees of $15 will apply per day that it is delayed beyond its original ETA. Follow our simple return instructions and you won't be charged a thing!

yellow post boxes only!

If you choose to pop your parcel into a post box instead of lodging it at the counter, please make sure it is a YELLOW Express box not a red box.

If you use a red box the parcel will be significantly delayed and you will be charged late fees of $15 per day for each day it is delayed.

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