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@dressedby_jess is our preferred contact and the best way for you to get the quickest response.


Please only use this form if you do not have social media. We have had feedback that the contact form isn't 100% reliable. 

Before contacting us, please read our FAQs HERE. If you want to book a hire for a weekend event, you can do so online. Locate the outfit in the GALLERY and go from there.


We are located in Dalkeith, WA. The exact address is provided after booking confirmation.

Parking is a 300m walk away.


pick ups

Thursday   1-7:30pm

Friday        2-6pm

Saturday   9-11am

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@dressedby_jess Instagram is our preferred contact method and the fastest way to get a reply. Use the 'Contact Us' tab if you don't have Insta.


To our drop box by Monday 8pm.

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